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Naija Lingo is an online Pidgin English Dictionary with its definitions that are written by its users. Naija Lingo can be seen as a catalogue of the ever changing Nigerian Culture and the way Nigerians speak.

Can I Advertise on Naija Lingo?
Definitely, Naija lingo is always open to people who want to advertise their products or their websites on Naija lingo

How Can I Advertise on Naija Lingo?
Naija Lingo usually advertises for other companies using banner ads. This means that advertisers will pay for a space on the Naija Lingo website and the ads will be rotated amongst other ads that are being hosted by Naija Lingo.

So how much does it cost to advertise on Naija Lingo?
The cost of Advertising on Naija Lingo varies from one client to the other. It depends on the duration of the advert, the size of the advert and the number of pages the advert will be shown to user of Naija Lingo. Contact us to obtain the different advertisement plans offered by Naija Lingo.

So how can I contact Naija Lingo to buy adverts space?
You can contact the Naija Lingo team by using the contact page, with the subject:” Advertising” or you can write to us on advertise@naijalingo.com.

-Naija Lingo Team