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We keep getting asked this question. A Lexibutor is a contributor on Naija Lingo. Since we consider naijalingo.com a lexicon that is in existence due to several contributors we decided to bestow all contributors of this site with the title of lexibutor because they are special. Within the realm of Lexibutors there are several ranks. Every lexibutor on naijalingo can grow and advance in rank the more they add words and definitions to the site. With the increase in rank brings increase in power and authority on the site.

bronJJC (Johnny Just Come)
This is the intital level everyone one starts of at. At this level you have added between 0 - 15 words.

star2 Oga
This is the second level, you have added between 16 - 35 words and you are starting to get the rythm and gaining respect in the Naija Lingo community.

This is the third level. At this point you are a seasoned lexibutor and are qualified to administer the creation of a new language. Because you have a good knowledge about what Naija Lingo is about you will be given the ability to flag words, when you notice someone has posted a word that is not part of the Nigerian Pidgin English you have the ability to alert the administrators of this mistake. You must have added betwen 36 - 65 words to atain this level.

star Chief
This is the highest level on Naija Lingo, at this point you are virtually part of the Naija Lingo team. Your opinions and suggestions will be placed on high priority. Besides beign able to flag words you will be able to delete words on Naija Lingo that you think are not correct or part of Nigerian Pidgin English. You must have added more than 65 words.

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